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Meeting with a new doctor or healthcare professional can be quite an anxious experience for many of us. Will the pain be better or get worse? Will the treatment be effective? Is the doctor experienced enough? These are some common questions running through our head. With a series of nerve-wracking questions, it can be quite difficult to invest faith and optimism towards your first chiropractic visit. However, if you know what is going to happen, chances are you may be less anxious and more prepared toward what to expect from your first chiropractic visit.


Before an actual visit, it is always a good idea to speak to your chiropractor over a short call. Most people call up their local chiropractic clinic to ask some simple questions about the doctor’s professional experience, philosophy, approach to treatment, etc. You can also search them up online to check their website and Google reviews to get a better idea about the doctor’s treatments.

Health history and symptoms

Once you have evaluated the clinic and decide to pay a visit, the first thing they will ask you to do is to fill up a form. A chiropractic form will include filling up details of your health background, past surgeries, medications, history of hypertension, diabetes, past injuries, etc. Moreover, a detailed account of symptoms and conditions will also be asked such as describing onset of pain, location, the kind of pain, the injury associated with it and conditions or food habits that make it worse. In addition, some level of family history may also be asked to make sure that pre-existing medical conditions are ruled out or are revealed in detail to the doctor before the actual treatment commences.

Chiropractic examination

Once a detailed account of health and medical history is gathered, the patient is then sent for chiropractic examination which includes:

  • General tests pertaining to blood pressure and respiration
  • Check on reflexes, muscle strength and tone
  • Neurological health


In addition, further tests like posture analysis, moving injured body part in a specific direction may be prescribed. Some chiropractic manipulation may also be performed to conduct a detailed prognosis.


Once the patient history and detailed examination are conducted, the chiropractor will deduce a plan and recommendations. In some cases this may take a day or two as the clinic may await some test results. Based on the results of two step examinations, the chiropractor may or may not recommend a diagnosis of structural abnormalities through x-ray, MRI or other alternative laboratory tests to decipher complex health ailments if any. Usually a chiropractor will only recommend it if there is a reason for them to believe that the diagnostic study will give them additional information, helpful in the chiropractic treatment.


With a combination of health history, patient examination and diagnostic study, the chiropractor will decide the line of treatment and is likely to give some timelines on when the positive result would start to show. Moreover, in some cases the chiropractor may also recommend advanced treatments rather than just chiropractic treatment to get faster and long lasting results for pain or injury.


Evolve Brampton is a group of healthcare experts specializing in health and wellbeing treatments such as massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic and personal training.

Physiotherapy Brampton

The chances are that we have either experienced some form of sports injury ourselves or know someone close to us that has. Physical injuries are very common and happen quite often. Luckily, physiotherapists are trained professionals who specialize in this field and are therefore equipped with the tools and knowledge to fix and eliminate the pain.
Exactly what type of injury can a physiotherapist fix? The expert team at Evolve Brampton provide great information regarding the different forms of sports injuries, a few of which are listed below.
Lower back pain is an injury you hear about all the time. While there are different causes, improper form and even repetitive movements during physical activity are some of the causes to name a few. This particular pain will prevent you from moving the way you want to and will not allow you to enjoy the activities you normally love to do. Consulting and visiting a physiotherapist is ideal in this case because lower back pain is something they can fix or at the very least, improve. They can recommend the correct exercises and show you proper stretching techniques that will help strengthen your back, relieve you of your current pain and provide tips to avoid more serious damage to that area of your body. Physiotherapists will help you function regularly again and guide you in getting back to your active lifestyle.
Sprains are another common injury that occurs from physical activity. Torn ligaments can be a result of not having stretched properly and will lead to a sprain, most commonly in the ankles and knees. Physiotherapists have the necessary tools to help heal these torn tissues and restore joints. The advantages you get in having a professional physiotherapist assess your situation is that they will provide you with the tools, exercises and recovery procedures specifically required for your needs. They will know how to help you heal as quickly as possible based on your particular situation.
Similar to sprains, strains can occur when tissues are pushed too far and stretched beyond their capabilities. This is most commonly seen in sports like basketball, soccer or hockey. Ankle sprains, ACL strains and quad strains are the most commonly used terms. The good news is that strains are treatable through strengthening exercises that will help you heal. A physiotherapist will guide you step by step and direct you in the healing process.
Any of the issues above can be treated through the skills, knowledge and specialty treatments offered by physiotherapists who are experts in the sports injury field. If you are experiencing pain from any of the different forms of injuries mentioned above, Evolve Brampton is the key to your problem. They will help you heal and provide you with all the right recovery tools. Thanks to their expertise, you will be back to your regular routine playing the sports you love in no time!

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